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    Material: UD carbon-fiber, RC Road has 3K outside layer for brake-surface

    Spoke holes: 32, 28 Mountain. 32, 28, 24 CX/Gravel. 24, 20 RC/Road (All are normally in stock)

    Spoke hole size: Outside 4.5mm (for external nipples), Inside nipple tool hole 8mm

    Spoke hole alignment: Rim centered, All rims have spoke holes angled towards hub flanges. Key/First spoke: Stand up the rim vertical as if ready to roll forward, with valve hole at the ground. Looking down at the valve hole, the 1st spoke hole forward of the valve hole angles to the right-side hub flange, next spoke hole forward angles to the left side hub flange, etc.

    Depth: 31mm Mountain. 32.5mm CX Gravel and RC Road

    Presta valve hole, required length: 40mm minimum, 48mm Orange Seal valves are recommended)

    Recommended max spoke tension: 125KgF

    Recommended rider weight limits: 200 lbs / 90kg (XC), 220 lbs 100Kg (AM), 245 lbs 120Kg (DH, and road rims CX and RC)

    Max tire pressure (mountain) : 40 psi (for road use) 35 psi (trail use), Max for DH race/park/shuttle: 32 psi, ProCore psi: 65 psi maximum

    Max tire pressure (CX/Gravel tubeless-ready tires only) : 95 psi (for road use)

    Max tire pressure (RC/Road w/rim brakes, clincher tires w/tubes and tubeless-ready tires) : 125 psi (for road use)

    Minimum tire pressure (35mm and 40mm rims):                     
     XC hard-pack/gravely: psi = ( 10% x [rider+bike in lbs] );                 
     AM (rocky and fast trail): psi =  XC psi calculated + 2 - 4 psi         
     DH park and DH race: psi = XC psi calculated + 10 psi

    Tubeless rim tape width: 18mm or ¾ inch;25mm or 1 inch only for 29x45mm and 27.5x50mm; 12mm only for CX and RC.