CUSTOM BUILT w/ ONYX, Industry 9, White Indtrs, PROJECT321, Hope


Price listed is per wheel set

Please email info@derby for single wheel build quote

Custom build orders are normally shipped within seven business days

Wheel set price above includes:

Derby Rims w/ angled spoke holes and water-drain holes, and choice of rim sticker color. Factory Select Derby rims add $20 each, 27.5 Plus and 29 Plus tire size Derby rims add $65 each.

Black Sapim Race 14/15 DB spokes, Sapim 14mm alloy nipples. Sapim D-Light or CX-Ray spoke options have addtional cost.

ONYX or Industry 9 or PROJECT321 or WHITE INDUSTRIES hubs: CenterLock, 6-bolt, Boost, Lefty, Road/CX, and many more. Many hub color options.

By default, all 29 and 27.5 and 26 inch wheel builds are 3-cross spokes. Road/Gravel/XC builds are 2-cross spokes. Please email with any different lacing requirement (ray at