Enduro/DH 29r rims

29" x 30i DH, Enduro-DH
- ideal for 2.0 to 2.3, & up to 2.6 tires
Weight +/-10: 525g [DH, Enduro-DH]
Outer width: 35mm, Inner width: 29.5mm, Depth: 31mm
ERD: 583mm

29" x 35i DH, Enduro-DH
AM, DH layup options
- ideal for 2.3 to 2.6, & up to 2.8 tires
Weight +/-10: 535g [DH, Enduro-DH]
Outer width: 40mm, Inner width: 34.5mm, Depth: 31mm
ERD: 583mm

29" x 40i Enduro-DH
- ideal for 2.6 to 3.0 & up to 3.5 tires
Weight +/-10: 565 [Enduro-DH]
Outer width: 45mm, Inner width: 39.5mm, Depth: 31mm
ERD: 582mm, Note: Spoke off-set from rim center: 5mm

29 x 30i DH 32-spoke 29 x 35i DH 32-spoke 29 x 40i DH 32-spoke
29 x 30i DH 32-spoke29 x 35i DH 32-spoke29 x 40i DH 32-spoke








Price listed is for one rimAll rims have ANGLED SPOKE and WATER DRAIN HOLES

Orange Seal(TM) 18mm wide rim tape included (24mm wide for 40i rims)

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